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Ceramic Tile Terminology
aka: cement board. A thin layer of cement between fiberglass mesh; tile is applied to backerboard
a tile designed to transition between a wall and a floor
Bisque or Biscuit
the first, unglazed firing of a tile
Broken Joint
see "running bond"
a trim tile with a convex edge or edges used to transition between a run of tile and the wall
Corner Bullnose
a trim tile with adjacent sides bullnose
a glaze featuring a network of fine cracks. Also called "crazing"
fine cracks that develop in all ceramic product as it ages
Decorative Tile
a tile featuring a relief or decorative motif that does not serve an architectural purpose in an installation
Double Bullnose
a trim tile with two opposite sides bullnose, often used for the top of a shower curb
Dry Pressed/Dust-Pressed
compressing nearly dry clay between two metal dies, i.e.: machine-made tile
forcing clay through two dimensional die to obtain a length of material
Field Tile
flat tile used to cover a large area. Generally sold by the square foot
heated at a high temperature in a kiln
a mixture of oxides applied to the face of a tile; when fired it produces a water-resistant surface
Glazed End
the side edge of a tile that has been glazed; used to terminate a run of tile
a thin mortar used to fill the cracks between tiles
Grout Line
the amount of space between tiles
Natural Stone Terminology
edge detail for slabs consisting of a convex half circumference
edge detail for slabs consisting of a convex quarter circumference
a small tile inserted between larger tiles to create a pattern