Customer Checklist

We want to make sure you get the most from your bathroom design consultation at The KOHLER Store. Therefore, we'd like you to do a bit of bathroom consultation preparation so we can learn as much as we can about your current bath and future vision. To help you, we've created the bathroom design checklist, below, to help you think through your specific bathroom design specifications. Use this bathroom space planning checklist as you prepare for your visit to the The KOHLER Store.


To help us, please bring the following information from your bathroom design checklist with you to your appointment:

Measuring your space for bathroom consultation preparation

You can choose to sketch your own floor plan, but you might prefer to have a Kohler design expert from The KOHLER Store visit your home to assist you with your bathroom space planning checklist. Our Kohler design expert will accurately record the location of all plumbing, electrical and heating/cooling vents, as well as take notes on existing flooring, tile treatments and finishes. Here's what needs to be determined:

Room Dimensions
Length and width
Location of doors, windows and closets

Ceiling Height
Are there ceiling soffits or other angled walls?
Ceiling height
Soffit conditions

Length, width and surface depths
Number of sinks
Is the medicine cabinet surface-mounted or recessed?

Measure from back wall to center of bolts on side of toilet
(commonly 12", but can be 10" or 14")

Location of drain/bath faucet (right or left)
Length, width and depth

Location of the showerhead/controls/faucet trim
Length, width and depth

Other measurements and considerations
Capacity of water heater (on label)

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